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29. September 2023 [Concordia Design Wrocław]

ZARDONIC we Wrocławiu! [Superstars World Tour 2023]

Event info

Date: 29. September 2023
Location: Concordia Design Wrocław
Address: Wyspa Słodowa 7 Wrocław

Federico Augusto Ágreda Álvarez, best known as Zardonic, is a Venezuelan keyboardist, DJ, composer, producer and remixer primarily known for his heavy electronic dance music, dubbed as Venezuela’s top DJ act and one of the Top 10 best DJ masks in the world, with releases peaking at #1 in Beatport’s Drum & Bass releases of the week and Amazon’s Hard Rock & Metal Bestsellers. He is also featured in the game Warlocks Vs Shadows, making him the first Latin American musician to be ever featured as a playable character in a video game. Since 2004, his tour history includes headlining events in 31 countries including his native Venezuela as well as Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, United States, Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Russia and Japan. Some of his known tracks include “Bring Back The Glory”, his remix of Semargl’s “Credo Revolution” and his remix of The Unguided’s “Phoenix Down”. Featured in most important dnb events in the world such as Czech Beats for Love and Let it Roll, Dutch PRSPCT XL, or Polish Audioriver; awarded by DnB Awards with a statue of best West Germany’s music producer of season 2022/23.
With his freshly released in July album “Superstars”, he will visit Wroclaw on 29th of September, don’t miss it!

ZARDONIC [ OWSLA / Blackout Music NL / Renegade Hardware / PRSPCT ] //
Wenezuela 🇻🇪
GILGAMESH [ Drum Circle ] 🇵🇱
KOSAY [ Drum Circle ] 🇵🇱
UBERKRAFT [ Drum Circle ] 🇵🇱
SHANDRILL [ Drum Circle ] 🇵🇱
STIFF [ Rezystancja ] 🇵🇱
WARCHER [ Electronic Underground Society ] 🇵🇱