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The dark side of Drum'n'Bass and Hardcore

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Attention all DJs of the night, we at Dark Matter Events summon you to partake in our mix-series, “Ritualcast.”

Are you willing to summon the spirits of the underground and offer them your musical talent? We invite you to join us on a journey through the shadows, as we unveil the secrets of the underground.

to let the ritual begin, follow this link here.

AFTERMOVIE: Hallucinator Iconoclasm Tour

Aftermovie of our our event with Hallucinator and Gorebug!

AFTERMOVIE: Therapy Sessions Austria feat. Sinister Souls & Katharsys

Aftermovie of our our Therapy Session with Sinister Souls & Katharsys

About Us

Dark Matter Events is a well-established event producer based in Graz, Austria, known for its distinctive and engaging party experiences.

Since its launch in 2018, the project has built a reputation for delivering events that seamlessly blend the music genres of Drum’n’Bass, Crossbreed, and Hardcore with eerie decorations and horror visuals.

As the official licensee of the renowned Therapy Sessions Austria event series, Dark Matter Events is recognized for creating an eerie atmosphere and playing hard-hitting music at venues such as the Postgarage, Dom im Berg, DerKlub, Spring Festival, and Rave in the Cave and many more.

Additionally, the crew also offers an event series called Verbalized which specializes in hip-hop and rap, and in partnership with Niesenberger, it organizes the Raveyard events which focus on blending underground techno and tekno catering to diverse music enthusiasts.

Each year, Dark Matter Events is also a part of the lineup for the Spring Festival and Rave in the Cave.


Pappa Smellz




We teamed up with Wicked Blood Clothing – a brand that focuses on satanic clothing, dark art, occult lifestyle products, goth fashion, and alternative streetwear – to offer you top notch quality merchandise!

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