8. February 2023  /  Rain

RAIN from DMGD MVMNT and Darkside Records is delivering a haunting mix in the latest edition of #Ritualcast

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Attention all DJs of the night, we summon you to partake in our mix series, “Ritualcast.”
Are you willing to summon the spirits of the underground and offer them your musical talent?
to let the ritual begin, follow this link: www.darkmatterevents.at/ritualcast-request/

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1.Axi – Safe House (Bowsar Remix)
2.Zombie Cats – Move
3.Counter Attack – Jhofre & VicJOff (INAO Remix)
4.Faith, 2Whales, LifeSize MC – Result
5.Prdk – Child of Surprise
6.FractalOne – Coginitive Dissonance
7.GU:STUFF – Takeoff
8.Zombie Cats – Running
9.Kaizen Flow – Object
10.NERVE – Echoes
11.TR Tactics – Obsession
12.Yasha – Lunacy
13.Jhofre & VicJOff – Yagami (The Sun Vanished Remix)
14.Main-De-Gloire – Cry (Loudtink Remix)
15.Despersion – Nemesis
16.Finaflix – End of Days
17.Traced, Jazz T – Tydyrium
18.VOE – Chemical (TR Tactics Remix)
19.Despersion – Priora
20.L 33 – Crunchy
21.AB – Time To Rock (City Arkham Edit)
22.Noised – Doomsday
23.Traced – Manipulate
24.Zardonic – Follow The Light (Merikan Remix)
25.L33 – Mob Chase
26.2Whales – Bad Trip
27.Subminderz – Roller Ball
28.Traced – The Reckoning
29.Saintone – Suck My Kick
30.Symplex – Sonar
31.Mindset – Tribalism
32.Cyntax – Nerve
33.Blast – Real World
34.City Arkham – Dirty Slugs
35.QO & The Clamps – Krieg (Secondary Attack Edit)
36.Burr Oak – Revenge
37.Xena – Bad Signals
38.Dima Pulsar – Algorithm
39.Confusion – Bad Luck
40.Audio – Scanners (Prolix Remix)
41.The Clamps – Strains
42.Prolix feat. Ethan Cronin – In Your Head
43.SVDDEN DEATH – Take Ya Head Off
44.SVDDEN DEATH – Comprehension Barrier